How the Schools Stack Up

Excellent Schools Detroit publishes its annual K12 Scorecard so that anyone can see how every one of the city’s schools are doing. We measure kindergarten through grade 12 school quality and performance in five major ways. Our profiles on Early Learning and Care Programs are also included and in the spring of 2014, will include more information.

The K12 and Early Learning Scorecards provide in-depth, side by side comparisons of Detroit schools along a multitude of measures. Grades help parents and students make sense of Detroit's more than 200 schools to find the best fit for their child. Excellent Schools Detroit receommends parents and students select schools graded C+ or better, or promising, because these schools will generally prepare students for success in college, career and community. For early learning insitutions, Excellent Schools Detroit recommends parents select places that have scored three stars or more on the Great Start to Quality Tiered Quality Rating and Improvement System (TQRIS).

How we score K12 schools

A school's overall grade is determined by the average of three grades plus whether or not extra credit is earned. Academic status and progress comprise 70% of a school grade. Culture and leading indicators comprise 30%. Other considerations enable schools to earn (or lose) points.

Status: How a school performs according to state-mandated standardized tests and for high schools, graduation rate.

Progress: How much students at this school are learning in a school year.

Climate: What students and teachers think and feel about the school and the feedback of members of the community who visited the school.

Other (extra credit): research has shown that other aspects of a school can influence whether it’s a high quality environment or not. This can include whether students are present in school and staying in school throughout the school year. In Detroit, like many big cities, many of our kids are living in low-income neighborhoods or are English language learners. Some kids have special learning challenges or different abilities. We take this into account because we know that schools and students dealing with these circumstances are working even harder to succeed.

How to choose a school