School Quality Review

Our challenge

How do we measure every school’s progress -- especially in a city where students attend more than 200 schools with a variety of leadership, governing and reporting structures?

The answer is through the Excellent Schools Detroit annual School Quality Review.

This 3-step process gives educators -- as well as families and community members -- vital information to help benchmark their own school’s performance and improvement year-over-year, as well as in comparison to other Detroit schools.

We’ve chosen consistent measures that can be gathered across-the-board from all schools:

  • Standardized test scores
  • A nationally respected teacher/student “school effectiveness” survey
  • Structured site visits by trained teams of parents and community members

These data combined provide a more complete view of your school’s strengths and weaknesses in academic and school culture and climate issues that matter to teachers, families and the community.

School Profiles

 Excellent Schools Detroit compiles the data from this School Quality Review process into individual annual School Profiles available in a centralized database and in a format that is easy for all stakeholders to access, use and understand.


Mindful of your valuable time and limited resources, Excellent Schools Detroit covers the full cost of your participation in the School Quality Review.


Schools participating in all review steps will have access to tools and professional development resources in addition to more detailed data about your school. Broadly, Excellent Schools Detroit offers this review process in the spirit of continuous improvement, knowing that by working and investing in our schools together, we can achieve our goal of creating excellent schools for every child in Detroit.

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