Our Core Values

Kids First

We pursue what we think is best for children in education. Others' interests are also important, but are secondary.

High Bar

We are uncompromising about our high expectations for educational performance because we are clear that a high-quality education for children is their pathway to achieving their full potential.

People, then Institutions

We believe that great people are what make things possible. So, we first work with great people to create, invent, and innovate new possibilities; then with institutions to make those possibilities last.

Respect for All

We give ALL stakeholders (parents, educators, advocates, policymakers, etc.) the respect that their involvement in this work deserves: we listen, we invite, we involve.

Fail Forward

We bring a "can do" attitude to our work. While we take time to reflect on and learn from past work, we don't waste time assigning blame for past failures. Our energy is spent doing our best possible work today, in order to build the success we all want in the future.