Our Mission

Excellent Schools Detroit formed in 2010 as a coalition with an important mission: an excellent education for every Detroit child, from cradle to career, by 2020 such that 90% of students are well-prepared for kindergarten, 90% graduate from high school on time, 90% go on to post-secondary programs and 90% of those do so without needing remediation. We believe that a high quality education is the key to future opportunity and Detroit’s children deserve the best. Ensuring each child receives the best means that we will always be working together with many partners, from all walks of life and types of organizations.

Education isn’t just a basic public service, it’s a human right. We share your passion about it. We work to ensure that every child in Detroit is able to receive a high-quality education, one that prepares them for unlimited opportunity.

What will it take to achieve this mission? Here’s how we’re focusing our efforts.

Actionable Information

We ensure that parents, caregivers and community have information that helps them find the best quality educational options in the city, and that policymakers have information and recommendations that help them improve education policy in Detroit and Michigan.


We bring together everyone working on behalf of children so that as a city we’re working in a new way for kids in Detroit.


We work with all the educational systems in the city to spot innovation and spotlight where things are working, and to help start new programs or efforts where they are needed. Sometimes we need to point out what’s not working and where schools need to make changes.


We engage community to have a voice and a say in what’s important to them related to education.


Our History

Excellent Schools Detroit was formed in March 2010 as a coalition of Detroit’s education, government, community and philanthropic leaders who released an education plan that recommended bold steps so that every Detroit child is in an excellent school by 2020. The plan called for Detroit to be the first major U.S. city where 90 percent of students graduate from high school, 90 percent of those graduates enroll in college or a quality postsecondary training program, and 90 percent of enrollees are prepared to succeed without remediation.

This citywide education plan reflected months of discussions and deliberations by coalition members, as well as a series of six community meetings in November and December 2009, youth focus groups, small group discussions with multiple stakeholders, and other outreach efforts. Many Detroiters offered thoughtful recommendations about the need to prepare all students for college, careers, and life in the 21st century.

Read the plan below or download the plan.