School Review

Finding useful information about schools in Detroit shouldn’t be rocket science. Unfortunately, with so many different school models, it can be challenging to find the clear and consistent information without sifting through hundreds of websites, pamphlets, or spreadsheets of data.

Whether you are a parent looking for the best school to send you child or a community member looking to compare schools in your neighborhood, you deserve to be able to find the information you need from a trusted source, free from all of the hassle.

To address this issue, Excellent Schools Detroit is committed to providing parents, families, students, educators and community members with valuable information on all schools that serve Detroit kids through its annual school review.

The school review is a process of evaluating the performance and culture of every Detroit school on the same set of measurements. Here is a break-down of what and how school quality is measured for K12 schools:

Academic statusMEAP, ACT, MME
Academic progressHow well schools meet their improvement targets
School CultureTeacher/Student surveys and Community-driven site visits to schools
Extra CreditAttendance, Graduation, FAFSA completion
Extra CreditWhether the school serves students with the greatest need.

This comprehensive look at schools combines information from multiple perspectives, placing value on things that matter most to you.

We will be producing an evaluation methodology for early learning and care programs in Spring 2014.