Spring 2014 Press Release: Top 31 Elementary and Middle Schools


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Excellent Schools Detroit Recommends Top 31 Elementary and Middle Schools

Detroit Families: The City’s Best Schools Are Now Accepting Students

DETROIT (April 10, 2014) – Detroit families have the opportunity this month, and next, to vote with their feet by selecting the top elementary and middle schools for their children to attend next school year. Excellent Schools Detroit today released a list of the top 31 elementary and middle schools it recommends, and all schools have seats available. Detroit families now have the opportunity to show their demand for high quality education in the city by selecting from this list as they make enrollment decisions for next school year.

According to Excellent Schools Detroit, these 31 high quality schools offer families welcoming environments, caring teachers and staff, strong academics, family involvement, community partnerships and a rich array of after-school and extracurricular activities. The recommendations are based on information updated this winter, including fall MEAP scores.

“Where we send our children to school is one of the most important decisions we make for our kids. It impacts the rest of their lives.  Now is the time for families to make that decision for next fall,” said Dan Varner, CEO of Excellent Schools Detroit. “This list will give them a head start in the right direction.”

The recommended schools are in alphabetical order below. For more information about each individual school and to read reviews from parents, students and teachers, visit GreatSchoolsDetroit.org.

For those with children already enrolled in one of these schools, Excellent Schools Detroit’s CEO has a call to action: “I encourage families whose children are already attending these schools to continue  to support their principals, teachers and staff,” Varner said. “Although improvement is still possible, these schools are the best in Detroit and are preparing students for success.”

Schools that opened in Fall 2013 were not included in this list because they haven’t been open long enough to have historical data to make comparisons. High schools were not in this round of reviews either. Schools with an asterisk are also participating with Excellent Schools Detroit in a program to encourage Kindergarten enrollment called “Kick-off to Kindergarten.”

Excellent Schools Detroit produces an annual Scorecard with A through F letter grades based on a multitude of measures. The Scorecard will be released in the summer along with grades for all high schools, as well as 100 early learning and care programs. Results will be available on GreatSchoolsDetroit.org as well as Scorecard.ExcellentSchoolsDetroit.org.

Excellent Schools Detroit re-launched its Scorecard in August 2013 with in-depth, side-by-side comparison of Detroit schools along a multitude of measures, including academic performance, academic progress and school climate. The organization recommends parents and students select schools graded C+ or better because these schools will generally prepare students for success in college, career and community.




About Excellent Schools Detroit

Excellent Schools Detroit was formed in 2010 by a coalition of philanthropic, education, community, and civic leaders with an important mission: an excellent education for every Detroit child, from cradle to career, by 2020. To that end, Excellent Schools Detroit produces an annual Scorecard, which grades schools across a multitude of excellence measures, to help Detroit parents and community make an informed school choice. The organization convenes individuals and organizations across multiple sectors as the Detroit community collectively works to achieve excellence in education.