Enroll in Kindergarten

When our kids start school early, they get ahead. Start your child's education off right by enrolling them in one of these kindergartens. They are free for your five-year-old to attend!

Detroit Edison Public School Academy

1903 Wilkins St. near St. Aubin
Call: (313) 833-1100

Detroit Innovation Academy

18211 Plymouth Rd. near Southfield Frwy.
Call: (313) 736-5537

Detroit Merit Charter Academy

1091 Alter Rd. near Jefferson
Call: (313) 331-3328

Detroit Premier Academy

7781 Asbury Park near Tireman
Call: (313) 945-1472

Maybury Elementary School

4410 Porter St. near Clark
Call: (313) 849-2014

Thirkell Elementary School

7724 14th St. near Rosa Parks Blvd.
Call: (313) 596-0990

Roberto Clemente Learning Academy

1551 Beard St. near Bostwick
Call: (313) 849-3489

Madison-Carver Academy

19900 McIntyre St. near Pembroke
Call: (313) 486-4626

These schools are partnering with us to boost kindergarten enrollment in 2014.

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